Think Brain Health Global recommendations

The message “what’s good for the heart is good for the brain” needs to be widely communicated and understood. So, we encourage policymakers and public health bodies that provide health information to the general public to act on the Think Brain Health Global recommendations.


Healthcare professionals and administrators will continue to play a key role in the management of people with, or at risk of, a neurodegenerative brain disease and we encourage them to act on the Think Brain Health Global recommendations.

We encourage researchers and organizations that fund scientific research to help healthcare professionals and society to avert a future health crisis. Further work is needed to develop treatments for neurodegenerative brain diseases and validate diagnostic tools to identify people at risk. Meanwhile, healthcare decision-makers can start to pave the way for the advent of national programmes, with appropriate consideration of all ethical implications, that facilitate earlier disease detection and intervention. To this end, the authors recommend that additional funding for research is provided to meet the Think Brain Health Global goals.