Act early

Think Brain Health has emerged from an evidence-based international consensus report 'Time matters: a call to prioritize brain health'. It aims to help healthcare professionals, policymakers, researchers and the general public to act early to:

  • promote public understanding that preventing brain disease is possible and that 'what’s good for the heart is good for the brain'
  • prepare healthcare professionals to manage people with or at risk of neurodegenerative brain disease
  • prioritize research and build infrastructure to enable prevention, early detection and management of neurodegenerative brain disease.

Neurodegenerative brain diseases are those that cause progressive damage to the brain. Think Brain Health is an initiative run by an international multidisciplinary group of experts and endorsed by key organizations from across Europe.


Find out about Think Brain Health recommendations for health policy, clinical practice and research.

Time matters: a call to prioritize brain health

You can find out more about the Think Brain Health initiative and the supporting evidence in the report ‘Time matters: a call to prioritize brain health’ .

This report presents an expert, evidence-based position for policy recommendations that encourage individuals to participate actively in prioritizing their own brain health.

The report also challenges policymakers, researchers, funding bodies and healthcare professionals to collaborate in planning for future healthcare structures.